Social Media

Looking for help with social media?  You’re in the right place.  ADvine rapidly emerged as the largest social media management company in Central California, and continues to grow by helping businesses (and their pages) grow.

Allow our team to be your guide and enjoy a custom-built plan using a test-proven model for creating content, on a variety of platforms, using the industry’s best technology and equipment to execute that plan.   Not only will our team of photographers, videographers and editors be put to work on your behalf, but content managers will ensure that your page is active every single day while monitoring all comments and managing your business’s online reputation.

Social media marketer posting on Instagram

Google Ads

Fact is, business begins, and often ends, with a Google search query.  People LIVE on their phones, and more-than 90% of all mobile searches go through Google!  (5.5 BILLION per day)  Why are they searching?  Because, they are about to buy.  To excel in business you have to be there, and ADvine can help.  No smoke, no mirrors, no magic beans.  No insider jargon that the average person couldn’t understand without…  well…  “Googling” it.

The team at ADvine will not only develop your business’s custom Google ad strategy and implement every step on your behalf, but will provide a simple, easy-to-read report at the end of every month illustrating the exact results of those ads.  ADvine makes Google Ads easy, and effective.

A screenshot of a Google Advertisement for ADvine Agency

Video Production

Nothing makes impact in today’s digital world quite like video.  Regardless of your angle, if it happens in front of a lens or needs to play on a screen ADvine can help.  Whether it be a large-scale aerial concept, a commercial for any stream and service, or an in-depth, documentary-style of approach, ADvine’s team of creative writers, videographers and film editors can help your business tell it’s story in a most dynamic and impactful way.  From a snow-covered mountaintop to a Valley vineyard…  a special event…  a car lot…   a table in any restaurant… or a shelf in any store…  Bring it to life with ADvine.

A behind the scenes photo of a videographer of ADvine Agency recording a testimonial video in front of a green screen in Fresno, California


If a picture is worth a thousand words, ADvine is ready to wax poetic for endless volumes about you and your business.  Put us to work and enjoy the benefits of the right camera, the perfect lens, the most impactful lighting, and the creative eye that frames it all for you.  ADvine specializes in aerial photography, special events, product showcases, portraits, headshots, food photography and more.  Armed with the industry’s best equipment and editing technology, ADvine is prepared to use creative imagery to tell your story and flaunt your business.

A behind the scenes photo of a photographer taking product photos for a digital advertising project.

Web Design

Thankfully, the days of wizards behind dark curtains who speak a language nobody understands are over!  Gone are the days of waiting forever to get a website rebuilt or launched, and being shocked, horrified, and, dare we say, stunned by a price-point that a NASA engineer or a team of lawyers couldn’t break down or justify.  ADvine makes web design easy.  No out-of-town outsourcing or online forms to navigate.  Simply sit-down with a business consultant and web designer, explain your wants and needs, receive an accurate quote and timetable, and reap the benefits of your new, cutting-edge website.  It really is that easy.

A photo of code on a computer screen

Graphic Design

The old expression “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” has never been more true than in the world of business and marketing.  The graphic art team at ADvine knows how important it is to establish your brand in a striking and visually-pleasing way.  Whether it be brochures, menus, signage, point-of-sale or promotional materials, ADvine can help.  Looking for assistance with logo design?  Looking to make an impact digitally or with animation?  The creative team and graphic design enthusiasts at ADvine can provide an impactful unveiling for a new business, or breathe new life into an established business in need of a modern-day facelift.

A behind the scenes photo of a graphic designer working on graphics and logos for RV Liquidation Center in Clovis, California.

Media Strategy & Buying

With nearly (5) decades of expertise in developing ad strategy and negotiating the purchase of media, the professionals at ADvine are prepared to build a customized advertising strategy to deliver revenue growth for you.  We work closely with our clients to squeeze the most out of every dollar, and continue that representation by maniacally monitoring the activation of that strategy.  Ultimately, the success of any campaign is dependent on effective research that leads to targeted media placement based on value and the price of gaining that consumer’s attention.  However, the creative marketing message (the story told about YOUR BUSINESS) remains paramount – regardless of the advertising platform.  Seem a little overwhelming?  ADvine can help.

Photo of co-owner of ADvine Agency conducting a marketing strategy in Fresno, California

Traditional Media

Your business has a story to tell, and, if that story is best told through traditional media, ADvine can help by handling every step in that process.  The creative team at ADvine specializes in telling a business’s story, while selectively and strategically carving out the perfect audience profile to tell that story to.  Whether it be TV, radio, outdoor, magazine, newspaper or direct mail, ADvine can handle every phase of traditional media from the strategy stage to ad design and from placement to fulfillment.  Copywriters, graphic artists, videographers and media planners are standing by – ready to help.   We’re a full-service digital agency with decades of experience working in, on and for traditional media.  (We had to start somewhere 😊)

Photo of a billboard with a custom graphic for Heroes Comics