There are times when outsourcing is a great option. Obviously, as an ad agency, we believe in outsourcing. It’s a chance to gain access to expertise in a certain field when it makes sense. You can gain the knowledge and manpower without piling on the payroll, equipment costs, payroll taxes, and more.

But there is one thing you really need to be sure to look into:

Is the person you outsource to outsourcing? 

Because in any industry when a third-party or middle-man gets added, the mark-ups begin. It’s sometimes shocking to see how many times a service has been marked up, and obviously that can be crazy expensive while completely diminishing the value to you.

Here at ADvine, we deal directly with Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, radio and TV stations. Our designers, web developers, social media managers and videographers are all ADvine employees. When you work with an advertising agency, make sure that you aren’t getting middle-maned!

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