Are you weighing the options between organic and paid social reach? Well, both can be effective to your social media campaign – it’s just about being smarter in how you use them.

Let’s start with basics, organic reach is using free content that is provided to your audience and is shown to more and more people as the content becomes engaged with to then reach a larger audience. Whereas, paid reach is when marketers rely on, well, paid targeting of content. So, you can reach specific audiences based on variables such as location, age, and other demographics.

So which should your business rely on?

Organic reach has several advertising benefits such as building more genuine customer relations, allowing marketers to listen to their audience, establishing more trust, and encouraging UGC, or user-generated content from customers. Ultimately this is a good approach to maintaining and strengthening your brand’s direct relationship with customers, being cost-effective, and helping strengthen your brand’s identity.

Paid social reach additionally carries several benefits, and can enable you to beat social algorithms, help to reinforce brand messaging, and ultimately reach new potential customers.

But, with both approaches comes a downside. Organic can be time-consuming, offer less immediate exposure and reach, and lag with some social algorithms. Paid reach on the other hand does not always allow for meaningful ROI’s, or returns on investment, and additionally requires a lot more attention to detail.

These two methods often cross paths in instances such as using organic content, to then be promoted. So, still representing your messaging through organic social content, but using paid social methods such as ‘boosting’ to have this organic content reach a new audience. Incorporating both of these strategies overall tends to lead to the best outcomes.

By utilizing both methods you can reach new customers that are drawn to your social world that consists of real, organic content that your customers love.

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