In the past 2-3 years, 1 thing has always been clear to those studying media, and social media specifically, video is king. Platforms like tik tok have exploded due to the ease of creating video content, Disney launched its own streaming service, and if you’re like me it’s easy to fall into the wormhole of video scrolling on facebook watch, YouTube or even bouncing around multiple streaming apps just to find a movie to finally settle on before bed. If the simple first-hand accounts in my life aren’t enough examples that video has been, and continued to be, king of the content world – here’s some data to prove it. Did you know that from the beginning of two thousand and nineteen to the beginning of two thousand and twenty, the apps that involve video continued to explode? Did you know that in one minute, there are over seven hundred and sixty thousand HOURS of video watched on Netflix. Let me repeat that for dramatic effect – in one minute over seven hundred and sixty thousand HOURS of video is watched on Netflix. WOW! What’s even crazier is that number is up double digits from 2019. Streaming app, Twitch increased views by over twenty percent, and even video giant – YouTube – continues to increase video viewership. The point is, every application that involves video, is growing, not dying. If you’re not using video in your marketing, especially on these platforms, you need to make a change. Video is, and continues to be, king. Thanks for tuning in.

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