Have you been looking to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your personal or business website? S-E-O. Three letters you need to know to do just that. So, what does the acronym SEO stand for you might ask? Search Engine Optimization. Key word; optimization… getting the most effective use out of the search engines people use every day so traffic is directed to YOUR website.


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, whether it’s Yahoo!, Google, Bing, or all the others you could potentially use to start your search. And while there is tons of information on how to set up your website for success, there are few key points that are important to reiterate.


Everyone wants to be different and stand out but sometimes that can cause you to go over the top. Remember for stuff like this… less is more! Be brief but accurate with your wording on your web pages. For example, when a query is searched the Google algorithm will look for relevancy and user interaction rather than simple keyword searches. So, keep your content relevant to the topic of your overall website. And as always, keep it truthful.


Be sure you are keeping separate content on separate pages of your site. When you start to incorporate too much information on one page, your users, and search bots, will get lost. Your website’s pages should stick to a single topic, making it easier for users to land on the most relevant page to aid in their search.


Always try to update your website’s content to the most pertinent and time sensitive information. The websites that stay up to date more frequently will have their content marked at fresh and more relevant by the search bots. This increases future visibility from users.


Most importantly, user interaction with your website is KEY for increasing your rankings. The overall goal is to have users click, search, or type within your site so the search bots deem it useful to the user’s search, therefore increasing the overall quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

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